Born January 2, 1945, to a family of school teachers in the village of Tsarevshchina in the Saratov region.

Enrolled in the Moscow Institute of Architecture, the department of architectural industrial design, in 1965 and graduated in 1971.

1972-1974 designed and implemented the reconstruction project for V.I.Lenin's Central Museum's main exhibition halls.

1974 - design of the Soviet pavilion exposition at the "Unita" newspaper festival in Bologna, Italy;

1975-1980 - design of over 100 V.I.Lenin's Museum exhibitions in the USSR and abroad (Switzerland,
Finland, GDR, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Vietnam, Cuba, Bulgaria, Yemen, France);

1980-1987 - design of V.I.Lenin's Museum branches in Frunze (Bishkek), Kirghizia, Kuibyshev (Samara).

1984 - awarded the title " Merited artist of Kirghiz SSR".

1985 - 1987 worked on the architectural design concept for the reconstruction of the V.I.Lenin Central Museum in Moscow

1988 - to the present Chairman of the Board of M'ARS Contemporary Art Gallery.



From 1978 to 1987 - participated in the exhibitions of the group "20 Moscow Artists" in
the basement of the City graphic artists committee in Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28;
1986 - one-man show in Zelenograd (Moscow);
1987 - one-man show in the exhibition center in Kremenchugskaya street (Moscow);
1987- 1988 - two group exhibitions of "ARS" group;
1987 - exhibition of "Object" group of artists in Malaya Gruzinskaya street (Moscow);
1988 - group exhibition "Artistic Consciousness-1" and "Artistic Consciousness-2" in the design centre
in Pushkin square and in the "M'ARS" gallery ;
1988 - group exhibition("M'ARS" gallery) in Jeraklion(Greece);
1989 - group exhibition ("M'ARS" gallery) in different towns of France;
1989 - group exhibition of "M'ARS" artists in Bramante exhibition hall, on Piaza del Poppolo in Rome;
1990-1991 - two group exhibitions of "M'ARS" artists in Nizhny Novgorod;
1990 - participation (with a group Czech artists) in design of GAS Pavilion exposition
at the World Exhibition in Osaka (Japan);
1991 - participation in the "New Russian art" exhibition (A.Gleiser's collection) in the Central House of Artists (Moscow);
1992 - participation in the exhibition "Dream Reveals the Nature of Things" in the Tretiakov Gallery (Moscow);
1992 - participation in the exhibition "Russian XX Century Art" in Nassau Country Museum (New-York);
1993 - "M'ARS" artists exhibition in Kolomna ;
1992-1993 - two exhibitions "Three Russian artists" in Murcia and Madrid (Spain); 1992 - "Tokyo-Art-Expo";
1992-1993 - "ART- MIF-1" and "ART- MIF-2";
1994 - "Russian collection" exhibition in Osaka and Fukuoka (Japan); 1996- exhibition in Beirut (Lebanon);
1996 - participation in the exhibition "Galleries in the Gallery", State Tretiakov Gallery(Moscow).
1996 - Art Moscow Fair.
1996 - "Russian Collection - The close of the XX-th Century" in M'ARS Gallery.
1996 -1997 realization of the project "The World of Perceptible Things in Pictures"
1997-exhibition in Pushkin Museum of Fine Art.
1997 - exhibition in Palais de Nations, Geneva.
1998 - Art-Moscow Fair.
1998 - Art Manege Fair.
1999 - exhibition "Pushkin. Fantasies" in Moscow Art Centre.
2001 International Print Triennial in Tallinn, personal exhibition "Hotel Russia".


Works are represented in the State Tretiakov Gallery(Moscow), Yaroslavl Art Museum (Russia),
in the corporative collection "ZigZag Venture Group" (USA), in the corporative collection "Crystal Art Co." (Japan), A.Gleiser's collection, "M'ARS" Museum collection (Moscow),
as well as in private collections in Russia, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Columbia, Austria, Bolivia, USA, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Turkey, France, Holland, Greece, Romania, England, Hong Kong, Canada, Israel.
The artist lives and works in Moscow.